Your Ultimate Mission: Make Every Version of Yourself Before Today Obsolete

This is Personal Growth 101

old mobile phones.
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Technology does an excellent job growing at the speed of light. Before you know it, the hottest, most amazing gadget or social media platform is more out of date than Brady Bunch bell bottoms.

That needs to be us.

When we develop a growth mindset, we are actually seeking to “upgrade our software.” I can honestly say that “Deante Version 2019” is as old news as:

“John Lennon Murdered.”

My wish for you is that you find value in accomplishing that growth, and inspiration with these 5 terrible truths about my 2019 self that no longer apply.

1. I Drank Alcohol Consistently

Ever since 2000, getting tipsy and loaded off alcohol was as much a part of my week as toothpaste and body wash. I was all about drinking brewskis and liquor together, and I did it simply because I could — and I was so used to it. I decided before 2020 arrived that a lot of things would be different for the better, and drinking alcohol is virtually non-existent in my life now.

2. I Never Exercised

There’s an awesome store at the mall called, “Build a Bear.” People can go in there and literally build stuffed animal bears by assembling fur and other items. I didn’t need any of that crap to build myself into a bear over many years. I just needed Snickers bars and Doritos — and almost no exercise. This year, I have dramatically changed that narrative around and I have committed myself to working out at the gym 5 days per week. It has become second nature for me the past several months and I’ve even launched a private Facebook group for select people to show their commitment to fitness.

3. I Loved Reading Books, But Barely Did It

Since I was a kid, I was very much into reading. Having said that, it has been a huge shocker that I never made consistent and intentional time for reading books. I own many, but they usually just sit there untouched. That has changed in a huge way this year; I have read 20 physical books, 21 audiobooks and 4 kindle books and I started that habit in late June.

4. I Love Writing, But Barely Did It

I’ve always wanted to be a published writer and author, yet I had never been intentional with building a consistent writing practice. That changed this year when I began journaling every day, then began writing in general everyday. I wrote a 129,000 word manuscript, then I wrote 1,500 words every day for months before I started a different strategy. As it stands now, I’ve written daily this entire year and I am currently in the midst of a 100 article challenge that I gave myself. For the month of December 2020, I committed to publishing 100 articles. It’s been incredibly challenging, but I love it.

5. I Didn’t Share My Brilliance With the World

I have so much to offer that it is a sin that I haven’t built a bunch of online content to serve my eventual tribe. I’ve recorded and produced music before for years, created and produced a web series for six years and tons of other creative things. The problem is that I haven’t done much in recent years. That has changed in a big way and it will only continue on a massive scale going forward.


As you can see, I have already made my 2019 self obsolete. Within a few weeks, my 2020 self will start looking pretty damn pathetic too.

I hope this serves you in a great way. Follow my strategies and aim to make your current self “out of date.”

It’s fun as shit.

Personal Development Writer | Deante Unlimited podcast, Host | Deante: Under Construction web series, Star | Deante Young Enterprises, Chief Creative Architect

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