Wanna Feel Good About Yourself? Do Difficult Things Most People Won’t

The practice is better than getting compliments

Most of us like hearing compliments about ourselves. Being called cute, sexy, handsome, amazing, or funny perks up our eardrums like a beautiful symphony.

But compliments are the opinions of others at best, and at worst they are manipulative mental treats designed to take advantage in some devious fashion.

Either way, they’re unreliable words and we should stop giving them credibility. A much better way to feel good about yourself is to do difficult things most people won’t.

As an added bonus, you will likely feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment, depending on what it is you choose to do.

Compliments are Useless, Your Actions Matter More

Consider this: I’ve been told that I’m cute or handsome many times. And since I’m the size of a small airport, there’s an extra layer of appreciation whenever someone tells me that.

But I’m never drawn to the compliment because it doesn’t possess much usefulness to me. On the flip side, whenever I complete a painful workout after showing up at the gym day after day, I feel phenomenal about myself.

Much of that feeling stems from doing it even when I don’t feel up to it, which is every damn day.

When I read for education (as opposed to entertainment) each day, write and publish articles seven days per week without fail, I feel like King Kong.

That’s because I’m aware that most people simply won’t be as committed. For the vast majority of my life so far, I’ve been the ringleader of the practice of staying mediocre.

Things that were challenging or required consistency I usually avoided. During the past year, I have shifted my tendencies and developed transformative habits that serve me tremendously.

Because I’m beating the odds daily, I constantly feel great about myself and my potential to achieve anything I focus on.

Your Game Plan

You might be wondering how to invite such cheer into your life. It really is as simple as doing difficult things, but not just for the hell of it.

I suggest doing things that align with who you want to become or what you want to accomplish. Focus on the habits that will be required to make those goals a reality.

For example, if you want to become a bodybuilder, you would be intentional about doing research on it. Then, you would implement the steps to achieve that goal, which probably includes consuming the proper food and supplements.

The best results come from consistently taking action towards the desired outcome. By dedicating to the process daily, you will notice that it’s not an easy journey.

But if you keep doing the stuff you don’t feel like doing, you are reaching a level most of us never will. That’s because it’s easy to not do something that sucks when we have a choice, and the average person will opt for pain avoidance.

Knowing that you do challenging things consistently will make you feel better about yourself the more you keep it up.

This is Very Difficult, But Worth It

That was just an example of a person aspiring to become a bodybuilder, but the principles apply to any goal or vision. I aspire to de-calorize on a large scale (no pun intended) so that all aspects of my life improves dramatically.

That’s why I established my daily exercise habit. Wanting desperately to become a prolific and successful writer is why I stick to writing and publishing seven days per week. Make no mistake, being consistent for a long enough time period and doing shit when you don’t feel like it is very difficult, but worth it.

People often tell me that I’m “strong” and that they “couldn’t be so dedicated.” No matter how much I might see them as having a good life, I won’t put them on a pedestal because I have an edge that they don’t. But I will stress again; it’s so extremely difficult and challenging.

Despite that, you can do the same if your desire is strong enough. Trust me.

Personal Development Writer | Deante Unlimited podcast, Host | Deante: Under Construction web series, Star | Deante Young Enterprises, Chief Creative Architect

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