Trump’s Final Days in Office Similar to Denzel Washington’s Training Day

And The U.S. Has to Suffer Through This Sideshow

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Bloodied and disgraced, yet full of stubborn bravado, Denzel Washington’s Alonzo Harris was defiant to the bitter end during the closing moments of the 2001 smash hit film, Training Day.

It is sad, terrifying and ultimately — hilarious that President Trump is spending his final days in the Oval Office in similar fashion.

Training Day featured Washington, as Narcotics Detective Harris, a very confident man who could seduce anyone with his charm and presence. Underneath that polished persona, a very evil man lurked.

That sounds exactly like Trump.

As the film gets further into its story, Detective Harris proves himself to be a selfish bully whose biggest interest is in saving his own ass. He even tries to convince a rookie detective to do his bidding and kill a drug dealer (who was Harris’s friend earlier in the film).

We soon find out that the murder plot was necessary because Detective Harris planned to steal $4 million dollars from the drug dealer to cover a huge debt, or else be killed himself.

At the end of the film, when Harris was bloodied and disgraced, the tables had finally been turned on him. That rookie cop had nearly been killed because of orders from Dirty Cop Harris, and now he was determined to get this horrible and powerful man off the streets.

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This parallels the Trump fiasco in many ways. Donald has portrayed himself as a badass who can’t lose from before Day 1 of his presidency.

He repeatedly pushed the boundaries of ethical behavior and all but ignored common decency standards. He used his charm and power in despicable and destructive ways.

The most egregious of which took place less than a week ago, when he literally urged, persuaded and seduced his blind followers to essentially become assholes.

Still whining and belly aching because he lost his bid for re-election to Joe Biden, Trump wanted vengeance.

He lost tons of court appeals as he and other Republicans and supporters continued to mindlessly blame Biden’s victory on widespread voter fraud.

Because of his influence and manipulation, his “asskissing fans” launched a deadly insurrection on the Capitol building in D.C., killing five people, including a cop.

This immediately became a flash point in his presidency, as several Senate and House Republicans have withdrawn their support for the Manic-in-Chief.

His self-serving and dangerous rhetoric continued to flow from his fingertips and into violence-inciting tweets, even as he placed numerous lives in harm’s way. This earned him a permanent ban from both Twitter and Facebook.

Through it all, Trump has continued his bullshit.

Even his endlessly loyal Vice President Mike Pence has finally had enough. Trump insulted him on Twitter and at a public event, questioning his courage and inspired anger towards him. It was Pence who led the Biden certification on January 6.

To me, Pence is the rookie cop in Training Day who finally decided this monster can’t continue to inflict danger on people. Washington’s Harris goes on his rant near the end of the film shortly after Pence — I mean, the rookie cop snatches his police badge and tells him that he doesn’t deserve to wear it.

This sends Trump — um, Detective Harris into his classic fit of rage:

“You disloyal, fool ass bitch-made punk,” Harris yells at a group of residents who used to support him.

“I’m putin’ cases on all you bitches!”

“You think you can do this to me?”

“I’m the man up in this piece!”

“I’m the Po-lice. I run shit here! You just live here!”

As the fed up residents in Training Day decide that they’ve heard enough, they start walking back to their homes. The once mighty Detective Harris continues to crash and burn — yet continues to talk his shit.

“Yeah, that’s right — you better walk away… ’cause I’ma burn this muthafucka down!”

“King Kong ain’t got SHIT on me!”

Everyone is almost gone now. Former allies, supporters, just like Trump.

Never one to admit defeat, Detective Harris looks around and speaks more nonsense, this time to himself:

“That’s alright. I’m winning anyway. I’m winning.”

“I can’t lose.”

“You can shoot me. But you can’t kill me.”

If that behavior and those words are not characteristic of President Trump throughout his reign of terror in the White House and especially during these final days of his presidency, I don’t what in the hell is.

Denzel Washington is an amazing actor.

President Trump is — quite the CHARACTER.

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