Tom Brady and the Power of Focus

That quality allows him to make history

Tom Brady.
“File:20160917 Tom Brady at Michigan Stadium.jpg” by Brad Muckenthaler is licensed under CC BY 4.0

I don’t know much about football, but great stories and extraordinary human achievement often captures my attention.

When Tom Brady led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to victory in Super Bowl 55, it further confirmed that his greatest asset is his ability to lock-in on the mission and focus.

That’s how he’s managed to pile up an astounding 7 Super Bowl wins during his career. It’s also how, at age 43, he continues to defy age and set new standards of sustained excellence.


It would be easy for Brady to become distracted due to his own high wattage star power. How difficult must it be for an iconic athlete worth hundreds of millions of dollars to not become complacent?

For Brady, I believe it’s easier than expected. Because of that persistent focus, tasks that are uncommon for average people are simple for him.

After an outstanding 20 season run of greatness with the New England Patriots, Brady decided to fly south and join Tampa Bay. The accompanying media attention surrounding his suddenly icy relationship with Patriots’ coach Bill Belichick failed to compromise his focus.

The widespread dislike for Brady (legends who win a lot are easy targets for hate) never caused him to take his eye off the prize.

Even the various scandals (Deflategate, anyone?) haven’t dampened his unbelievable ability to compartmentalize. It’s all made possible because of that insane, beautiful focus!

His detailed training regimen and strict eating habits, called “The TB12 Method,” have come under public scrutiny because of a lack of scientific proof. But the masterful strategy has kept “old man” Brady playing at an elite level and piling up championships.

Because of — focus.

I can’t help but salute a person who defies conventional wisdom and keeps the main thing the main thing. Maybe Tom Brady can get a product built that will give the rest of us the same focus he has.

Or we could just follow his lead.

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