This Super Important Reason is Why You NEED to Connect With Like Minded People

This is One of The Biggest Lessons of The Year

28 Books to 100K by Michelle Kulp
Photo Courtesy of Deante L. Young

My mind was absolutely blown recently, and I would be a selfish jerk if I didn’t share the “how.”

I was attending Day 1 of a 5-day online book writing challenge when the earth shook. The “challenge” was actually a daily, one hour webinar hosted by Tucker Max, in which he dispenses key advice on getting clear on a book topic.

All attendees received access to a closed Facebook group, and because of that, I discovered a woman named Michelle Kulp.

She has been a writer and entrepreneur for a long while but this year, she’s become quite prolific; writing and publishing one book per month and making it available for purchase on Amazon.

For the record, you read that right:

One book per month, written and published.

When I read her incredibly fascinating story, I was instantly filled with questions. I wanted to know, how in the hell does she keep up such a challenging pace?

Apparently, Michelle read that authors who earn six figures annually typically have written and published a minimum of 28 books. Since she aspires to earn that type of cash from book publishing alone, she set out to write and publish 28 books of her own.

The fact that she is actually pulling that off is beyond mesmerizing.

Naturally, I immediately believed that I could do the same. We exchanged comments online and I ended up buying her book. More than anything, the investment in Tucker’s course has already paid off because it set my mind in orbit and helped me to understand something significant that I understood previously, but not to this degree.

We need to connect with like minded people.

The key reason for that is simple.

They will elevate us.

They will make our thinking clearer.

They will either introduce us to incredible ideas or they will reinforce ideas that we already know.

Signing up for this 5 day course was something that I did to gain the information that Tucker would teach us. I didn’t even think about the people who I would come in virtual contact with who are of the same cloth.

It’s awesome to me that many of them have already written and published books. Those are folks I can learn from and frankly, I already have.

When I read one of Michelle’s older posts, I learned about a friend of hers who is earning about $40,000 per month with his books on Amazon. It’s interesting and incredible to me and I believe I can replicate the one book per month strategy.

You can achieve a similar mind and eye opening experience by connecting with like minded people.

Yes, the earning power is great and marketing yourself will be required in some cases; but you are up for those challenges. Keep in mind that no matter what, the reps that your pursuit of like minded people will give you will be life changing.

Always be happy about getting extra reps with something that matters to you.

It’s easy for us to lose sight of the power of connecting with people like ourselves because for many of us, our circle doesn’t consist of folks on our creative wavelength. We can change that by being intentional and seek these people out.

I guarantee that life will become much more incredible.

Personal Development Writer | Deante Unlimited podcast, Host | Deante: Under Construction web series, Star | Deante Young Enterprises, Chief Creative Architect

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