These 24 Awe Inspiring Tweets From Massively Successful People Will Change Your Life For Good

Consider These People Your Virtual Mentors

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Because success leaves clues, I make it a point to bookmark tweets from highly successful people, then try to implement the advice.

In honor of our continuing life education, I’ve listed 24 of my favorites.

James Clear, Author of the #1 NYT Bestseller, Atomic Habits

“The odds of success increase if:

  • You get more shots on goal
  • There is more than one way success can occur
  • There is a long time frame in which things can go right
  • You pursue a subset of strategies where the typical performance is better than the overall average

What else?”

Joel Osteen, Pastor, Televangelist and Author

“If you had what somebody else had it wouldn’t help you, it would hinder you. It wouldn’t be a blessing it would be a burden. Quit wishing you were them, recognize you are enough.”

Marie Forleo, Author of the #1 NY Times Bestseller, Everything is Figureoutable

“Know your outcome. Be clear on your intention. Once you have clarity, nothing can stop you.”

Barbara Corcoran, NYC Real Estate Queen, Shark Tank Shark

“Behind every overnight success is 10 years of persistence and sweating it out.”

Robert Glover, Founder of Brix Fitness, YouTuber, Fitness Lifestyle Specialist

“Challenge your mediocrity..”

Peter Voogd, Author of the Best Selling Book, 6 Months to 6 Figures

“Your energy introduces you before you even speak.”

Lewis Howes, NY Times Bestselling Author, Top Podcast with 300 Million Downloads

“The quality of your life is related to these 8 things:

  • Thoughts
  • Words
  • Food
  • Sleep
  • Fitness
  • Purpose
  • Environment
  • Relationships

Sending you love.❤️”

Tyler Babin, YouTuber and Creative Director

“Don’t ever let anyone tell you you’re dreaming [too] big, or your aspirations are too great, or you should really start thinking realistically. Nope. Nah. No. Period. We out. Sign off. End of story.✌️”

Ashley C. Ford, Writer and Podcast Host

“I don’t owe you an argument just because you came here to have one.”

Bishop T.D. Jakes, Senior Pastor, Accomplished Entrepreneur

“God will use your trouble to change you.”

Brene Brown, Academic, Lecturer, Author and Podcast Host

“When I find myself in tough conversations, when I am being held accountable, when I am called to unlearn, relearn, or just learn — this is my mantra. It’s been a game changer.

Less armor. More learning.



Grant Cardone, Star of Undercover Billionaire, Author and Founder of 10X Movement

“You can be more.”

Mel Robbins, Author and Motivational Speaker

“The only REAL apology is a change in behavior.”

Brendon Burchard, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author and Peak Performance Coach

“Mastering one’s mind must be the first and lifelong priority for anyone desiring a consistently happy, loving and purposeful life.”

Daymond John, Founder of FUBU, Star of Shark Tank

“Your problem isn’t the problem. It’s your reaction to the problem.”

Cooper Hefner, Teacher, Businessman, Advisor, Board of HMH Foundation Director

“I’m grateful for the different, the eccentric, the characters who make life more interesting by inviting question. If you’re quick to judge someone for what makes them, them because you want them to be you, realize their difference [makes] the world unique. Individuality is good.”

Kevin Hart, Stand-Up Comedian, Actor, Producer

“The true power that WE all possess is knowing what we are capable of…people have opinions on what you do or what you want in life…YOU have the facts. Your will and want and drive is what will take you to success. Don’t let opinions of others [weigh] you down…YOU CONTROL YOU!

David Goggins, Retired Navy Seal and Endurance Athlete

“Living a life avoiding failure does only one thing for you: it never gives you the opportunity to see what you are truly capable of!”

Diddy, Record Executive and Business Mogul

“At this point in my life, if I catch a bad vibe, I’m out.✌🏿”

Michael Hyatt, NYT Bestselling Author, Speaker, Top Leadership Expert

“Perfectionism is the mother of procrastination. You’re never going to find the perfect time or the perfect circumstances or be totally prepared. At some point you have to kick into action.”

Jon Acuff, New York Times Bestselling Author of FINISH

“Dear writers, the book you’re writing is worth finishing. Someone smarter has not already written that same book. Everyone doesn’t already know the things you’re writing about. You’re not the least qualified person who could write that book. Those are lies we all hear. Keep at it.”

Whitney Cummings, Stand-Up Comedian, Actress, Filmmaker, Podcaster

“Hot tip of the day: feelings aren’t facts.”

Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of Vaynermedia, VaynerSports, 5X NY Times Bestselling Author

“Don’t worry about the haters, worry for them.”

The Weeknd, Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer

“Always bet on yourself. XO”

My Personal Takeaways

Here are my biggest reasons for loving those list of tweets:

  • They are transformative; our lives get better with their application
  • The successful authors of those tweets have their own unique voice, but the general idea of their advice is parallel to everyone else’s
  • They are simple and very thought provoking
  • These tweets cost nothing to read, yet will yield a ridiculously high return on time invested reading them if we take action on the insanely useful ideas

What are your takeaways from these tweets? Let me know in the comments!

Personal Development Writer | Deante Unlimited podcast, Host | Deante: Under Construction web series, Star | Deante Young Enterprises, Chief Creative Architect

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