The Power of Being Naked in Public

Thought Provoking Insights to Strengthen Your Resolve

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The strongest thing that you can do is to show vulnerability in the presence of others.

No bullshit.

We’re always walking around acting like we are strong and got it all together.

We swear we are confident.

Shit, sometimes we lie to our own damn selves; insisting that nothing’s wrong.

Here’s what I know:

You’re Allowed to Feel Weak, Even Though You’re Not

Being naked in public can get you arrested. Being emotionally naked in public will empower the fuck outta you. That means being brutally honest about your crap and your less than cheerful and confident feelings.

It also means trying to achieve things that you might be scared or fearful of. I’ve already written about things in my own life that leave a lot to be desired, or qualifies as a personal humiliation.

The notion that we have to always keep a stiff upper lip and have our lives together is pure trash. Real life doesn’t work that way and it never has. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed or frustrated, two things that I deal with almost daily in spite of my positive demeanor.

It’s also normal to not want to fail or be made fun of for trying something outside of your comfort zone. This could be building a small business or even exercising in public.

When I’m working out at the gym five times a week, I am faced with self-consciousness and insecurity. I know my girlish figure (I’m overcaloried) is on full display for everyone around me to see. In those moments, I definitely feel naked and not the least bit secure, but I remind myself that I am not confident at those times and I’d better not lie to myself.

Actually admitting that “I’m not confident” is a strength, not a weakness!

It’s okay to have those ups and downs. You’re allowed to feel weak. Just understand that you are not weak.

The Biggest Reason Why Vulnerability Equals Power

Most people will let foolish pride get in the way of being honest with themselves and others. Then there are those people who use the “it ain’t nobody’s business what I’m going through” strategy.

They’re correct. Someone’s personal business is no one else’s business.

But, if that phrase is used as a cop out because of shame or fear of looking bad to others, then it’s not a smart strategy. Vulnerability equals power for that exact reason; other people are so busy faking and pretending to be something that they are not.

You on the other hand, will flip everything around and bare your soul.

The second part of that empowering quality is it enables you to ignore the voices of doubt in your head, and go after that lofty goal, or build that business, run that race or ask that good looking person out.

In other words, get naked in public. Bare your soul and your emotions. In the midst of doing that, you are growing, expanding, learning, becoming and gaining more strength than the ones who lie to themselves about being strong who are actually weak.

Be vulnerable. Be naked in public.

Personal Development Writer | Deante Unlimited podcast, Host | Deante: Under Construction web series, Star | Deante Young Enterprises, Chief Creative Architect

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