The Importance of Being Your Own Superhero

Stop Putting Others On a Pedestal

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“If you look inside yourself, and you believe, you can be your own hero.” — Mariah Carey

I was listening to The Gucci Mane Guide to Greatness audiobook recently, and I heard something that registered an 8.0 on my mental Richter scale.

Gucci, multi-millionaire hip-hop artist and businessman explained that he used to overestimate other people, and underestimate himself. Immediately, I related to that because I have lived my own damn life that exact way since elementary school.

It made me reflect on the bullshit thinking required to make us do that. The shit’s toxic and poisonous as hell, and we need to eliminate that trash from our head, like now.

Don’t Make The Mistake I Made

For years, I looked at other guy as though he was better than me. Almost every one of them were normal sized people and that made them more desirable to the girls.

In my mind, they were a prize and I was a goddamn bag of coal.

The chicks were too good for me. They seemed to have all the power from being fawned over. It took me a long ass time to figure out that females are the most insecure people on the planet.

I Had An Inferiority Complex Like Crazy

I got a lot better socially as I got older, but I always carried a complex. The job market brought other mental challenges.

I believed powerful bosses and co-workers were beyond my level. Just flat out better. More important. When I worked at an insurance agency, writing a lot of business meant that a person was stackin’ paper.

The managers were making money hand over fist because they benefited from the total team selling policies.

Because it was such a brag worthy achievement, anyone who wrote a lot of business was celebrated and I in turn, put them on a pedestal. When my personal production fell off, I reduced myself to a fanboy for the bigshots.

A Turning Point Perspective in Business

Now, I look back on decades of overestimating them and underestimating myself with great annoyance.

It’s an eye rolling frenzy for damn sure.

We begin seeing ourselves as our own superhero by understanding and being mindful of our value proposition. That just means our self worth and what we bring to the table.

We focus on the perceived strong suits of others, while focusing on the perceived shortcomings of ourselves. Wouldn’t it be interesting to flip that shit around? For example, one of the guys that wrote a lot of business at the insurance company was making tons of money.

But I never considered what he was actually doing with that money. I never actually saw him grow from that type of income. In fact, he actually used it carelessly in many ways because it came so easy.

While I treated him like he was Paul fucking McCartney, he himself told me that he was basically a loser with his degenerate habits.

I also never maximized my own gifts and talents, which could’ve easily earned me tons of money and fulfillment doing what I actually wanted to do.

Fawning Over Women is Never Good

The females that I looked at as being too good for me were often losers. They may have been slim and reasonably attractive, but they never seemed to be going anywhere in life. They also seemed to lack intelligence, yet I possessed that in spades. I saw them as a prize, but not myself.

If we take the time to get really honest with ourselves, we’d discover real facts that show our own excellence.

Get Real About Your Own Awesome Sauce

I always suggest writing down a list of your top qualities and traits, in your own opinion and in the opinion of others. If you can’t think of anything that you’ve been complimented on, ask those who know you well.

You might be smart, creative, hilarious, able to make people feel better about themselves. You might be caring and compassionate, or kind and a good listener. You might be inspiring people more than you realize, and that is a great attribute.

The Bottom Line

Our own spectacular skills or qualities need to be celebrated by us. Those things will help us be our own superhero. Always remember, whatever someone else has going for them, it’s not their whole story.

They have flaws and insecurities too. Elevate yourself before you even think of elevating anyone else. With true self love, you will be able to truly love others. But you have to be your number one superhero!

Personal Development Writer | Deante Unlimited podcast, Host | Deante: Under Construction web series, Star | Deante Young Enterprises, Chief Creative Architect

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