The Greatest Motivational Speaker You Never Heard Of

But I Know You Have Probably Felt His Presence at Times

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Earl Nightingale, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Norman Vincent Peale, Les Brown, Tony Robbins — man I could go on and on about history’s greatest motivational speakers.

They fire us up.

Their words are powerful.

They are successful.

But none of them inspire and motivate me more than the greatest motivational speaker in the history of the world:

Haima Brokeman.

He is so persuasive when I really listen to him. Sometimes, his words can’t be actually heard — his impact has to be felt.

He doesn’t just talk about overcoming your troubling shit. He will literally make you live without money for rent, car repairs, electricity, food and even Christmas gifts. This is where his true power lies; he makes you experience the pain of your own mediocrity.

Haima Brokeman.

That’s why he’s more persuasive and effective than Robbins and the other legends. He knows that the most successful way to motivate is to place a person in undesirable circumstances, let them flounder and suffer, then by sheer force of will, make people take action on their lousy situation.

Haima Brokeman.

He doesn’t have a coaching program to guide you through your trials and tribulations. He doesn’t need one. He doesn’t even need to advertise himself on social media or in television commercials.

He understands that if you ain’t showing up in life the way you should, he will become an irritating part of your life.

That’s his motivational method. Inflicting discomfort and irritation.

Haima Brokeman has my sincerest gratitude. He has already motivated and inspired me to get it together. Whenever I say his name out loud, it sounds amazingly like I’m saying “I’m a broke man.” Then I realized why his name sounds like that and why he is so damn great at motivating me to do more and become more.

I finally got his message.

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