President Trump is a Genius, and That’s Terrifying

How To Use 5 of His Tactics For Our Benefit

president trump
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President Trump is a brilliant asshole. Donald Trump is an underrated genius.

If I had the opportunity to spend a guy’s night out with Donald Trump, I would be more excited than R.Kelly hanging out at a Homecoming Dance.

If I had the opportunity to hang out with President Trump, I would put on a blonde wig and hand O.J. Simpson a knife to take me out of my misery.

There’s a gigantic difference between Donald Trump and President Trump. One is a cavalier playboy sporting an ego the size of Eurasia. The other is the destructive leader of the free world.

Donald Trump’s wealth and perceived business acumen affords him extreme luxuries; some not so nice or legal.

Being a Cosbyesque celebrity of no-permission groping is one of them.

But in the grand scheme of things, he’s harmless.

President Trump is a common decency nightmare. His immense power influences the financial markets worldwide, public relations with other countries and even white supremacist organizations.

In the grand scheme of things he’s dangerous.

Fact is, I admire Donald for many of the things that made me a fan of Howard Stern and Hugh Hefner. That’s very telling.

Like shock jock Stern, Donald’s penchant for shock value comments is jaw dropping.

Hefner literally built a publishing empire on his appetite for young, physically attractive women. Donald’s similar views have been well publicized during the past 30 years.

The see-it-to-believe-it MAGA Comedy Show the past five years is proof positive that President Trump is just as scary with a title as Freddy Krueger is with knived fingers.

But here is a shocker. We as creators and entrepreneurs can actually use a few of President Trump’s loathsome yet genius qualities and tactics to elevate our own greatness!

In a decent way, of course.

Here are five shocking methods which prove that Trump is a genius, and how we can remix them honorably:

Day 1, He Established a Controversial or Extreme Point of View

What he does: From the moment he announced that he was running for president in 2015, Trump was in full asshole mode.

He immediately drew a line in the sand by announcing his plan to get rid of illegal Mexicans in the U.S.

His tone and the reaction of his followers seemed to suggest something more sinister. By the time his campaign hit its stride, he’d popularized one liners such as “lock her up” and “drain the swamp.”

It was his way of signaling that a new sheriff was in town. But at what cost to the scores of the nervous Mexican population?

What we can do: When I produced my web series years ago, it was extremely controversial. That’s because I filmed interviews with people and asked them very personal questions.

Critics of the show told me that I was “exploiting” people, which ticked me off. Then, I changed my stance and said that I was “exploiting the words and actions of consenting adults.” From there, I doubled down on the very personal questions.

That made my show get even more popular locally. The message? Own that part of your message or product that gets under people’s skin. It’s a win.

He Kept Reinforcing that Point Of View Despite Blowback

What he does: Candidate Trump received tons of criticism in the media for his divisive ideology, and it only strengthened his confidence in the message.

No matter what was said in condemnation of his tactics, he doubled down on the language to his growing collection of disciples. From there, he got increasingly more audacious in his positions.

What we can do: I once made a blog that featured some very honest assessments of women with whom I had lots of hot fun.

I never mentioned names but readers of the blog were furious. I never let the opinions of others change my course.

I stepped up my game with the content. The message? No one changes your message. Not even you.

Create a Signature Product that Followers Wear in Defiance or Unity

What he does: When Candidate Trump introduced the red “Make America Great Again” hat, his crowds across the country became littered with them.

They soon became polarizing artifacts that to some, represented division and racism. Because of the taboo element of the hat in some circles, it soon invited rage and repudiation by his opposition.

What we can do: I eventually started selling DVD’s of my web series. That became a source of pride for fans of the shocking videos. People that hated it would often judge people that had the DVD’s in their possession.

If your brand stirs up anger and controversy, I suggest creating a product. Even if you just want fans to be unified towards your brand or message. It can be as simple as a bracelet.

People really started hating Joe Francis for creating “Girls Gone Wild,” and the t-shirts became reminders of hate for his critics. Make a shirt that expresses unity or defiance for your tribe.

Talk About Everything you Embody or Accomplish in Grandiose Terms

What he does: Donald has practiced this for decades. No matter what it is, if it’s a project or achievement of his, it’s guaranteed that he will pump it up like a damn circus show pony.

He said that the crowd for his 2017 inauguration was the biggest ever. Record setting crowd. It didn’t matter that he was lying.

He has spoken repeatedly about his buildings being the biggest and the best in whatever city they are located.

He spoke the same way about his television series, The Apprentice as well as casinos that bears his name. It never matters if the claim is actually true or factual, he says it anyway.

“Nobody knows more about the military than I do,” he said during a press conference. During the recent debates, he proclaimed that no president has done more for black people, other than Abraham Lincoln, than he has.

With the extreme level of sheer ridiculousness of his claims, it is somewhat comical now when he says them. He even hired a doctor to declare that his physical examination revealed that he was in amazing shape.

What we can do: First off, let’s not flat out lie to our followers and fans.But I believe that we should talk about our ability and confidence to serve in huge terms. I don’t recommend being salesy.

I think we should transfer our belief in our brand or offer to our tribe. When discussing our accomplishments, let’s talk more about the people who we have helped with our product or service. It works!

Never Admit Error, Failure or Mediocrity

What he does: Speaking of Trump’s January 2017 inauguration, the turnout was sparse by comparison to President Obama’s eight years earlier.

It was also a far cry from aerial photographs, apparently circulated by Trump’s staff which purported to depict an overwhelming crowd.

That was not the correct photo that circulated at the time. Throughout his campaign in 2015–16, he made tons of false claims, in some cases deliberately. At no point had he ever admitted being incorrect.

He also made it a point to never cop to failing at anything. This was never more apparent than in the just completed 2020 Presidential Election. Trump began his deceptive strategy months before Election Day.

He made it a point to plant in the minds of his base and senate Republicans that his opposition would probably cheat. He even stooped so low as to discredit the voting process.

When it became clear that his opponent, Joe Biden was leading him in key battleground states, his excuses reached a fever pitch. He tweeted an enormous amount of misinformation while passing it off as fact.

A stunning number of people actually subscribed to this nonsense! Donald routinely stated various versions of “if you count the legal votes, I won easily. If you count the illegal votes, then the democrats could steal the election.”

In other words, no amount of nonsense that he did during the past four years as president could’ve been responsible for him actually losing. In his mind.

What we can do: Never be this self absorbed or stubborn. Do the opposite of what President Trump does. Be compassionate. Admit when we are wrong or incorrect. That brand of decency will always elevate us in the minds of our tribe.

Final Thoughts on President Trump:

His unprecedented ego and megalomania will never allow him to see himself as a loser or failure. And he is so well versed in the dissemination of BS, that previously smart people are actually falling for this utter nonsense!

As I’ve said, I would really enjoy hanging out with Donald Trump. His horrible ways are harmless in the grand scheme of things. But President Trump would be impossible to deal with, yet somehow…people do and actually support the fuck out of him.

That is pure genius. And it’s quite terrifying.

Personal Development Writer | Deante Unlimited podcast, Host | Deante: Under Construction web series, Star | Deante Young Enterprises, Chief Creative Architect

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