One Thing I Must Remember: Not Everyone Cares About Personal Development

But to Those Who Do — I’m Your Man

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During a value packed New Year’s Day webcast hosted by peak performance coach Brendon Burchard, cosmetics maven Jamie Kern Lima made a mind shifting observation:

Not everyone cares about personal development.

She mentioned that she plans to work on her own expectations of people to think as she does. Going forward, she just wants them to be their authentic selves.

A Look in The Mirror

As I listened to her words, it became clear to me that I often have the same expectations of other people.

I’m so pumped about my own ongoing personal growth and development journey that it makes me try to infuse that spirit and mindset into others.

It’s difficult as hell to imagine that a person would have no interest in making their lives better. As it turns out, the desire to maintain the status quo in their lives is possibly quite common.

I made a similar point recently about homeless people. In my own observations and conversations with many of them, a life on the streets is often their preferred choice.

I can now see a parallel.

Ever since I was a child, I believed that I was not destined for an ordinary existence. I envisioned myself as some sort of star, whether it was as a popular and acclaimed writer, film producer or public speaker.

I have languished in mediocrity for eons, though I have finally gotten serious about achieving my long gestating vision.

It’s foolish to expect that everyone thinks that way.

When I’m around mediocre or unmotivated people, my instincts instruct me to infuse them with inspiration and belief.

I never considered the idea that they might not give a shit about being anything beyond what they already are.

The Plan Going Forward

This stands as my first significant lesson of the new year. I’ll give my advice and inspiration to the folks who want it, need it, seek it out and will use it.

McDonald’s knows damn well that their food is not for everyone, and they could care less. That’s because their target audience will always seek them out.

From now on — same.

Personal Development Writer | Deante Unlimited podcast, Host | Deante: Under Construction web series, Star | Deante Young Enterprises, Chief Creative Architect

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