If You Can’t Be Happy Now, Don’t Expect 2021 to Fix Your Life

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This whole damn year, people have bitched and moaned about 2020 being the worst ever.

Yes, it’s true that a global pandemic, record unemployment and countless businesses failing and folding has been a nightmare for people.

But if you folks who were severely affected haven’t found a way to be happy or grateful for life in its new form, I hate to break this to you:

2021 ain’t gonna do shit for you.

I’m not being an insensitive asshole. I’m very aware of all the horrible shit that’s taken place this year. But this notion that the flip of the calendar is going to infuse people with a ray of sunshine in the new year is laughable at best.

You need to somehow find the resilience to make peace with the ridiculousness of this year.

The loss.

The devastation.

I’ve never seen the entire planet affected by an endless series of catastrophes in a single year as I have in 2020.

But in all the years that I’ve been around so far, it’s become painfully obvious that the only real way to overcome tons of adversity is all in a person’s mindset.

New Year’s Day has never been a magic potion for what ails us.

I admit, I haven’t experienced as many calamities as a lot of people. I’m not a family member of George Floyd or Breonna Taylor. I didn’t have a business that got trashed from angry rioters or dissolved because of a shutdown economy.

I’ve been incredibly lucky to not have been afflicted with COVID-19 (knock on wood). I have had my own issues, though and I have managed to make the best of everything this year.

And express gratitude early and often.

When I think of my best friend losing his mom to cancer and wife to divorce, all in the space of this year, I feel incredibly lucky and grateful. That’s what we all need to understand; however bad things have been, they could’ve been ridiculously worse.

My advice is to start loving life and living with gratitude now, instead of expecting something unreasonable to happen to your thinking and your life on January 1st.

You’ll be very disappointed and that could fuck up another year for you.

Personal Development Writer | Deante Unlimited podcast, Host | Deante: Under Construction web series, Star | Deante Young Enterprises, Chief Creative Architect

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