How Your Mental Diet is Just as Important as Your Nutritional One

Toxic BS Filling Your Head is No Better Than Junk Food

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“Empty Your Mind From Toxic Thoughts. Empty Your Life From Toxic People.” — Abhishek Prajapat

Ever since I was a Dorito and Snickers obsessed youngster, I’ve heard about the importance of eating healthy stuff. This information, and all things associated with “going on a diet,” just made me roll my eyes like an entitled Diva and grab another handful of those cheesy triangles.

Eventually, I came to understand the value and significance of consuming fruits and veggies early and often. Even still, I found it to be next to impossible to walk away from the luscious charm of junk food.

Mental Diets: Easier Than Mouth Diets

Many years later, I found it to be much easier to stick to a healthy mental diet. I am happy to say that I partake in that every day, and if you want to maximize your potential for success, happiness and…living life in a truly unlimited way, you should follow me and do exactly like I did (in my Eminem voice).

Our mental diet is what our ears and mind consumes. The “mind food” can be absolutely poisonous and as unhealthy as a delectable burger and fries from Five Guys! Here’s the dirty truth; negativity, complaining and gossiping feed our minds with utter garbage.

You’d be amazed at how toxic that shit is to take in.

Who in their right minds would ever want to consume that nonsense everyday?

Who would want to consume it even once in a while?

That is why our mental diet should include things that will mostly nourish our thinking and upgrade our beliefs.

Transformative Books and Articles Are Like Healthy Mental Snacks

As an example, my days are filled with consuming healthy mental “snacks.”

That is, reading meaningful or instructive articles and books. In fact, I make it a point to read one personal development, business or biographical book at a time. I read for an hour each day until I complete the book.

All other reading is not included in that time.

If you have negative people in your life, ditch ’em. If you find that to be hard to do, you have to counterbalance their bullshit with soothing your own mind with meaningful shit. Positivity, educational, optimism, gratitude, transformation, growth…those are the types of “ingredients” that you want to put in your system.

Be Dynamic in Your Learning

My cousin told me that he tries to always be dynamic. I took that philosophy and doubled down on doing the same. Since the definition of “dynamic” is “characterized by energy or effective action,” I advise you to do the same and you can thank me later.

I also listen to audiobooks and podcasts which cover the same type of topics. Personal development, business, biographical and anything that will grow and evolve my mind. In June, I decided to become intentional about building these daily habits, and I am very proud to report that I’ve completed 18 physical books to date since late June.

I am currently reading the 19th book in less than six months and I’ve also completed an additional 20 different audiobooks in the same time frame. I hadn’t read many Kindle books this year, but so far I am reading the second of two so far in 2020.

Imagine what consuming 40 educational and informational books in half a year would do for you? Or 40 books in an entire year.

That shit would make a world of difference!

Sometimes, I listen to certain audiobooks more than once because they provide so much damn value. The outcome has been amazing as I’ve learned so many useful things which affect my actions in positive ways daily.

A Healthy Mental Diet Equals Happiness and Greater Productivity

Additionally, I’ve been journaling every day since January 6, and it ensures that I begin and end each day in a reflective mode of positive energy and gratitude.

That is essential, because sometimes we bring the toxic energy into our own lives! So, we need to counteract all that with as much positive energy as we can. Attending webinars and other online training helps to elevate my knowledge of building profitable businesses virtually, and that feeds my soul.

You can do the same.

My days are filled with wall to wall mentorship and consistent learning and growth. It makes me happier and more productive, not to mention more determined, which is why I’m begging you to follow suit.

Do not underestimate the extreme value of your mental diet. It will literally upgrade all aspects of your life if you focus on it. And it’s much easier than pushing the Doritos aside!

Personal Development Writer | Deante Unlimited podcast, Host | Deante: Under Construction web series, Star | Deante Young Enterprises, Chief Creative Architect

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