How to Make Life More Exciting

This will make a world of difference


If you work a job that you either hate or tolerate, what keeps you there is probably the anticipation of payday.

Why in the hell else would any of us stay in that torture chamber? Let’s be honest, if we worked with the public, none of us would take their B.S. if we weren’t getting paid for the job.

We wouldn’t do any job for free that we hated or tolerated unless there was an ulterior motive involved.

Or a reward.

Our paycheck is the ultimate reward for our investment of time in those gawd awful moments at work when we stare at the clock like we’re timing contractions!

If we want a more exciting life that will translate to happier moments and days, we must adopt the “looking forward to payday” mindset.

My Life as an Example

I’m no different than anyone else. Things frustrate me, scare me, worry me, and annoy me. Situations suck and I experience pain both mental and physical.

But my life is far more exciting because there’s always a “reward” that I’m moving towards. Going through the process of building my author brand and publishing my first book are huge rewards.

When I wake each morning, having a book in print is one of the upcoming “rewards” on my mind. It makes me super happy because it’s something exciting for me to look forward to.

It’s the same thing with any creative project that I have planned. Or that I plan on planning, ha!

Finding Your Reward

I guarantee there are things in your life that light you up from the inside out. Stuff that gets you charged up like a credit card on Black Friday. Maybe it’s a dance class that you teach or a virtual coaching session that you host.

Anything that you can’t stop thinking about because it fills you with joy could serve as a potential reward. It’s no different than our years in school. I couldn’t wait for Friday afternoon because that meant the weekend had arrived. That was the reward I looked forward to all week; you probably can relate.

Give it some serious thought. What task, activity, or goal makes you smile? It’s okay to have more than one thing to look forward to as a reward. If you don’t have one right now, be intentional with putting one (or a few) into your schedule.

In Closing

Life can be hell at times. Whenever there’s an opportunity to create more joy, excitement, or happiness, we should do it. Using the “looking forward to payday” mindset to build rewards into our calendar will only help the cause.

Personal Development Writer | Deante Unlimited podcast, Host | Deante: Under Construction web series, Star | Deante Young Enterprises, Chief Creative Architect

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