How To Drastically Improve Your Life By Doing What Babies Do

Regaining The Edge That We Were Born With

baby in the sun
Photo by Brina Blum on Unsplash

We were born knowing exactly how to take action and accomplish anything, then we fucked it all up.

The saying goes, “if you’re not ashamed of the person you were a year ago, then you haven’t learned enough.”

I’m ashamed of who I was. But this year, I’ve done tons of progressive shit daily to give me a crack at making a kick ass come up a year from now.

Normally, we just go about our daily lives being ordinary.

We go to work, do laundry, watch television and spend time with the kids and we believe that’s enough.

We’re thinking, “I’m dedicated and responsible, so why can’t I catch a damn break?”

Turns out, we are doing the right things… to stay in the same spot.

Those things won’t progress our lives.

Let’s Revisit Our Genius ‘Baby Strategy’

In order to advance to the next level, we have to do what babies do. The good news is that we were all babies once upon a time.

That means that we’ve already done this shit before.

Babies are never ever satisfied with their position in life. No matter what, they are relentlessly trying to get better every day.

When a baby is born, they can barely open their eyes, and when they do, it’s for a short time.

They are great at squirming, which leads to them being able to roll onto their side and their back.

They develop the ability to lift their head. Then the hands get better. Then they can grab all kinds of shit.

Before we can even blink, they can move themselves in different directions.

Then crawling.

Then crawling towards objects.

Then using objects to pull themselves up.

Eventually, they can stand…barely.

After they learn to stand, they get wobbly and often fall down.

Unfazed, they get their ass right back up. Seems like overnight they get the hang of standing.

That leads to walking and then walking fast. Then, they learn to run!

Each and every day, they never stop trying to grow, evolve and learn.

Sure, Mother Nature has a hand in it, but babies show extreme determination and commitment always.

Even when their parents tell them to stop, stay put or shut that shit down, they just continue to try.

How amazing would it be if us former babies adopted that consistent growth mentality from our own first couple years?

Our lives would be unbelievable. Next level type shit.

Instead, we got to a certain point in life, probably adolescence, and we just stopped the habit of growing and actively trying to get better.

By the time we became “responsible adults,” we started going about the average Joe aspects of everyday life, and that fucking sucks.

I’ve made the decision to get off that train to nowhere. You should too.

Not because I say so. But because you have much more to offer.

I’m not just doing this shit for me. I’m doing it for we.

When I get better, we get better. My growth is our growth.

Say that to yourself every damn day.

And be a big baby about it.

Personal Development Writer | Deante Unlimited podcast, Host | Deante: Under Construction web series, Star | Deante Young Enterprises, Chief Creative Architect

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