How Not to Have a Better Life One Year From Now

You have the power to retain a life of sameness


Shutoff and eviction notices. Fifty-four cents in your checking account. A raggedy car that makes more noise than a hundred roosters before sunrise.

If you’re living that way now, why in the hell would you want that to continue a year from now?

I always hear people talking about how much they hate their lives. I try to encourage anyone to create a plan to put that shit in their rearview mirror and work on their future.

Of course, they rarely listen.

Instead of telling you how to have a better life one year from now, I will tell you five ways not to have a better life one year from now.

Here goes.

1. Only Focus on Your Job and Chores

We fool ourselves into thinking that we’re improving our lives when we go to work. For those of us who are not flush with cash or assets, it’s unlikely that our job will generate enough income to make a sizable difference a year from now.

Some of us are dedicated to showing up for that 9–5, and also to the duty of completing our chores. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, and other standard tasks are important to accomplish. But doing those things and working basic jobs will not improve our quality of life a year from now.

If you aspire to own your own business, there’s nothing holding you back in today’s high-tech environment. You have access to almost all parts of the planet at your fingertips which is an unbelievable luxury that removes all limits.

When you dedicate 20, 40, or 60 hours per week to your job, you are earning money to live. But you are also helping to build someone else’s business. If you’re not investing any time in building your own business or even a side hustle, that’s a perfect way to not have a better life a year from now.

2. Don’t Participate in Self-Education

If you engage in empty activities such as watching television purely for pleasure, partying, or playing video games, you’re fine — as long as the time investment is small.

But if you’re engaging in those things without participating in self-education, that is a great strategy to gain zero traction towards a better life a year from now. Self-education refers to reading to learn, attending webinars, investing in online courses, listening to actionable or motivational podcasts and/or audiobooks, or engaging with a mentor.

Some of us don’t like to read, so audiobooks are a great alternative. Reading and consuming relevant content for personal growth has already skyrocketed my knowledge, skill, and perspective. These are excellent tools to move your life forward. If you aren’t participating in any of those activities, you are on the correct path to not having a better life a year from now.

3. Find Problems in Every Opportunity

I wanted to purchase an online course on podcasting, yet I didn’t have an income, nor did I have any savings. Instead of using those very real things as an impediment, I used them as opportunities and I figured out how to pay for the nearly $900 dollar course.

If you are a person who goes the other way and finds problems in every opportunity, you are in a wonderful position to have the same unsatisfying life a year from now.

Because I am an entrepreneur, it’s essential that I continue to improve at finding opportunities inside problems. Having a defeatist mentality and only seeing problems in everything will enable you to live a life of settling for whatever the wind blows your way, with little to no chance for improvement.

4. Blame Your Circumstances

Life is so unfair. You don’t have much money, you don’t have connections to powerful people, you don’t know how to do something, you don’t have a degree — the list goes as far as you want it to go. There are legitimate reasons why you might have ended up in a bad situation.

But it’s all on you for keeping yourself in that situation. My grandmother started feeding me any and everything when I was a child. As a result, I got hooked on high-calorie “pleasure food” and my waistline seemed to triple in size every school year.

But she’s been gone for decades now and the gaining has continued. That’s because she helped to place me in that situation, but I am the one who has kept myself there. If you are someone who blames your circumstances for your mediocrity, you will be happy to know that you are on the right track — to having the same life a year from now.

5. Let Your Wishes Fulfill You

I know a few people who fawn over photographs of exotic island getaways and beautifully appointed homes. They daydream and rave about how “awesome” those things are. It’s obvious that they would love to make those things their reality, yet their daily actions never connect to that.

You can achieve anything you truly want, as long as it’s humanly possible and you are committed. For those of you who simply wish and dream, you probably allow that to bring you fulfillment. Some of you don’t believe you could have such lofty things in your life.

In that way, fantasizing and smiling over images of “the finer things in life” are an easy outlet. If that’s true, keep wishing without targeted action. Your life a year from now will be exactly what you ordered.

Bottom Line

If you detect sarcasm, or even passive aggression in these words, good.

Mission accomplished.

You will either stay the same or look in the mirror and make adjustments. Either way, you’ll get your way!

Personal Development Writer | Deante Unlimited podcast, Host | Deante: Under Construction web series, Star | Deante Young Enterprises, Chief Creative Architect

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