The concept is simple but easily overlooked

Looking up to Lincoln.
Looking up to Lincoln.


A woman friend told me that a guy would need to “make up for it” somehow if he wasn’t well endowed inside his trousers.

Because mine is more like a Vienna sausage than a foot long, this was of particular interest to me. I soon realized something incredibly simple, yet profound:

Every person on the planet is in the same damn situation!

I’m not talking about genitalia. I’m talking about needing to “make up” for something that is a perceived shortcoming, flaw, or negative quality.

That’s why my advice to you is to never be in awe of anyone. You…


Each one is a huge blessing

Great day!
Great day!

It’s human nature to complain about life. This bullshit, that shitstorm — it’s all common for us. People that know me personally think I’m always positive, but I’m no different than anyone else because I also have moments of frustration and annoyance.

But more than anything, I try to live by two guiding principles; gratitude and optimism. Because of that, I’m listing 15 wonderful things that if they happen, will make for a great day.

I hope this helps you to have better days.

  1. I start the day off by opening two amazing gifts — MY EYES.

2. I have…


The classic original is well represented here

Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall in Coming 2 America.
Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall in Coming 2 America.

There’s a moment early in Coming 2 America in which Arsenio Hall’s character, Semmi explains how Eddie Murphy’s Prince Akeem unwittingly impregnated a “morally bereft woman” over 30 years ago.

Using footage from the original 1988 film to illustrate that fateful night, Semmi’s revelation uncovers the uncomfortable facts that led to the existence of Akeem’s 30-year old “bastard son,” LaVelle (Jermaine Fowler).

The backstory (obviously invented for this film) is both hilarious and clever. It was that moment that formed my ultimate opinion of this flick.

It isn’t great, but it’s definitely awesome.

Critics Suck, This Film Doesn’t

I’ve read several reviews of this very…


Past screw-ups are the ultimate growth tool

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My grandmother used to always tell me that “time brings about a change.” It is an obvious fact, but she usually said it during tough times.

I’ve personally had a bunch of struggles, challenges, and overall “tough times” over the years, many of them self-inflicted because of my own poor choices.

Here are 5 pathetic habits I had 5 years ago that make me better today. I hope you can relate to this shit and that my BS helps fix your own.

1. Drinking Alcohol Almost Daily

I was considered a late bloomer when it came to drinking alcohol. Most everyone I knew started as…


You will be amazed at the chain reaction


In the classic film, The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy had to travel the Yellow Brick Road to achieve her ultimate goal of getting home.

That road was filled with ups and downs, but most importantly, her journey attracted key figures that ultimately played a huge part in fulfilling her vision.

If you’re in the midst of changing your life, you too are on a journey. Here are three types of people that will show up along the way. They will impact your path significantly.

1. The Lifters

A very successful man once told me that there are two types of people: Lifters and…


They are among my 2021 bookmarks

Lewis Howes.
Lewis Howes.

Mindset and perspective are two of the most important requirements for changing our lives. Because of that, I constantly seek guidance from people, especially those who are much further along on their journey than I.

What follows is a carefully selected list of tweets that I’ve bookmarked this year.

If we follow the advice and mindset of the authors, I believe our lives will be changed for the better.

1. “Think BIG, Earn BIG.” — @GrantCardone, CEO of Cardone Capital

2. “Five of the areas I have improved the most in the last five years:



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10 years ago, the actor set the Internet on fire

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Constant sex with two hot-ass porn stars, an unlimited supply of drugs and alcohol, and a weekly income of $1.8 million dollars sounds like a damn fairy tale. For Charlie Sheen, that shit was his actual reality!

10 years ago this week, he called it, “winning,” and I can’t argue with that AT ALL.

Sheen Shocks The World

“I was banging seven-gram rocks and finishing ‘em because that’s how I roll. I have one gear — GO!” — Charlie Sheen, 2011

That was just one of several shockingly honest claims made by Sheen during an interview with The Today Show in February 2011. …


More evidence of black excellence

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The legacy of African Americans on television is quite impressive. While the media usually focuses on the classic Caucasian shows, true fans of the art form acknowledge the wealth of legendary shows starring Brothas and Sistas. What follows is a list of 11 brilliant Black shows that are so good, you need to rewatch them now.

The list is in chronological order.

1. Sanford and Son, 1972–77

Who could ever forget Redd Foxx’s hilarious catchphrase, “you big dummy”? The controversial comedian was must-see TV as junk dealer Fred Sanford. From trading insults with Aunt Esther (LaWanda Page) to his racist dislike of Julio (Gregory Sierra)…


The experts never mention this

Feelings in your palm.
Feelings in your palm.

A flawless morning routine is about as useful as a Rolls Royce is to Stevie Wonder. You will need something far more important than great habits to achieve anything significant.

The Mindset Shift that Changes Everything

I ain’t no damn fool. I am well aware that we need great habits that we apply consistently to make shit happen. But nothing will happen without completely ignoring your feelings.

That’s right. You can never allow your feelings to determine whether you do or don’t do something. That is the ultimate mindset shift that is almost never brought up.

World-class habits and positive thinking are wonderful but are no…


I expect to have nightmares about these dream-makers

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Right this second, I am bedridden and about as mobile as a STOP sign nailed to a wall. Every joint and muscle screams like Michael Jackson’s date in the Thriller short film each time I make any type of movement.

This version of being disabled was co-authored by my two professional fitness coaches (they hate being called trainers) and I wanna give them a million middle fingers.

And a billion bear hugs.

That’s right. These guys, Jonathan and Julius (Church and Ju) are real-life Freddy and Jason maniacs during my training sessions, which have only begun three weeks ago.


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