5 Timeless Lessons From My Grandmother

They have provided an essential foundation for my life

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

My grandmother was about as wise as a person could get. She died in 1998, but the lessons and messages that she instilled in me continue to shape and guide my life.

Here are five timeless lessons that she taught me that were life-changing.

1. Clothes Don’t Make the Man

When my classmates were mocking me in grade school for wearing my grandfather’s outdated clothes, it humiliated me. My grandmother later explained that clothes, nor any other materialistic thing define a person. Their character does, and I still live by that.

2. One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show

My aunt was furious with me for eating too much of her legendary spaghetti. My grandmother took offense to her hostility towards me and arranged to have a pot of spaghetti made for myself only. She told me that “one monkey don’t stop no show” meaning that I should never allow one person or opportunity to make me feel defeated. There’s an abundance of opportunities everywhere. The message impacts me to this day.

3. The Main One You Mistreat Will Have to Hand you a Glass of Water Someday

My grandmother was very big on treating people with kindness and respect. She believed that whoever you chose to mistreat would likely be the very person who you will someday need to help you out of a bad situation. It is humbling and very true.

4. The Darkest Hour is Just Before Dawn

When life seems to be at its bleakest moments, you must remember that chances are that you are soon going to experience a breakthrough. This was a huge part of her faith and it has worked magic for me over the years.

5. When God is For You He’s More Than the World Against You

As a strong believer in God, my grandmother sang His praises early and often. She would use this expression to showcase God’s massive power. It means that no matter how bad the world gets or the people in it, they are no match for having God on your side!

These teachings and lessons from my grandmother have stood the test of time and they control how I go about daily life. I am forever changed for the better because of these incredible messages.

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