5 Simple Ways to Love Yourself

Catering to you should always be a priority

You spend too much time treating yourself poorly but catering to others. You might even think you’re a loser or unworthy of love and compassion.

You might be your own worst enemy and believe that you don’t deserve the finer things.

You might be looking for someone to love when you don’t fully love yourself. Self-love is important. All humans need it in many ways. What follows is a list of five simple ways you can express love to the most important person.


Try doing these things a few times per week and watch what happens.

1. Pampered Bathing

Bathing is a very underrated form of self-love. I prefer showering, but you might be a “bath” person. Either way, taking a warm shower is gratifying. It can also soothe aches and pains that you may have, and it’s a perfect activity for coming up with ideas.

Use your favorite body wash or soap and scrub yourself all over, multiple times. Unwind all negative thoughts and focus on the healing power of the water hitting your body with empathy and care. Stay in for at least 20 minutes if you can (if the water stays warm).

If you’re taking a bath, lay back and close your eyes and let yourself fall into a peaceful state. If you do it correctly, it’ll feel as blissful as a full-body massage. This is not bathing; it is pampered bathing!

Bonus: Cater to yourself after you dry off by rubbing lotion all over your body. I also use body spray. Either way, you want to maximize the good vibes you feel for yourself.

2. Quench Your Thirst

Most people don’t drink nearly enough water, but this will change for you. Some people prefer their water at “room temperature,” but I love it ice cold. That detail doesn’t matter, but drinking at least 64 ounces of water daily will nurture your insides more than you know. It’s light and refreshing because it doesn’t have a case of sugar added. It will even quench your thirst after a workout or — sex.

3. The Flattering Talk

Studies have shown that talking to yourself is a positive thing. More importantly, you need to say the right things when speaking to yourself. I suggest that you talk about yourself and all the great things about you.

I would go as far as singing a made-up song about how “sexy” you are. Any flattering word or phrase will work because the inner voice in your head will take its cues from what you say aloud. There are enough people talking crap about you. Balance that out with positive self-talk about you!

4. The Love Letter

I did this last summer, and it felt amazing. Writing a love letter to yourself will allow you to get creative and to think about what is truly good or great about you. Write about things that have taken place in your life on the positive side.

Write about how you rocked someone’s world while you were making love to them. Nothing should be off-limits! It is all about patting yourself on the back because of real things, not made-up stuff. This way, you won’t feel as though you’re blowing smoke up your ass.

5. The Wonderful Explosion

Make yourself climax. That’s right — masturbate and cum. If you’re a guy, you want to get so worked up that you feel as if you’re operating a yogurt shooter! If you’re a woman, you want to think that you are running your hands through Niagara Falls.

Making yourself cum is one of the best stress relievers ever, and frankly, the shit feels fucking amazing. I’m always wearing a happy face when I finish, and I’m sure you can relate. When you love someone else, you want to make them feel good. Why wouldn’t you want the same thing for yourself?

Before I Go

Self-love is essential for your long-term well-being. You can’t always expect other people to provide you with the love you need. It won’t happen many times when you will need it to happen the most.

Try practicing these suggestions for a couple of weeks, and let me know how it goes.

You might even get addicted to loving you!

Personal Development Writer | Deante Unlimited podcast, Host | Deante: Under Construction web series, Star | Deante Young Enterprises, Chief Creative Architect

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