5 Sad and Crazy Life Lessons From My Shocking Videos

My Reality Series Exposed the Dirty Truth of People

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My favorite disease is Chlamydia, because it’s treatable,” said the young attractive brunette, with a smile.

This chick was speaking directly to my camcorder, but she was actually telling the world her disturbing business.

She was just one of an endless array of freakin’ misfits — I mean, people that I interviewed on camera for my controversial web series, a Date with Deante.

From 2008 to 2013, I produced 81 episodes spanning six seasons.

This damn near became a case study of the human condition; their jaw dropping nature will last me several lifetimes.

That experience also made me far more grateful for my own life and beliefs. Here, I’m sharing a bit of what I learned.

1. Never feel sorry for Homeless people

We all have a natural tendency to feel bad for homeless folks. Turns out, many of them actually want to be homeless!

One particular guy named Gary actually earned help from an agency and was given his own apartment after many years on the streets.

It took him just a couple months before his ass was back on the street.

He seemed happier. Relieved. Others lived under a bridge near where I lived, and they were well-adjusted to that life.

They gave crazy details, such as how to masturbate outdoors without being caught.

Others had catchy nicknames among their homeless peers. Money was always used to buy beer and drugs.

I got the sense that they didn’t have the patience or discipline to live in an actual residence and maintaining that shit.

2. Women Have No Problem Showing Their Goodies on Camera

Often, I asked the women to show off their panties, bra or the body parts covered by those items.

About 95% of the time, they jumped at the chance! Between happiness and shock, I assumed that they would tell me to go to hell, but they just did it.

Guys had the same mentality at times, which I cared nothing about.

3. There are Some Awful Parents in This World

The show’s first big moment came when a young woman revealed that she smoked crack cocaine to celebrate her third pregnancy.

She appeared in a few other episodes, but she was never more off putting than she was in that clip.

Another woman’s 14 year old daughter was both unruly and promiscuous. She bragged to her mom that she gets “more dicky” than her.

That interview was Jerry Springer type shit.

Still, a different mother talked about smoking reefer while pregnant with her daughter. Because the series was a comedy, I named her “Mother of the Year.”

a Date with Deante photo
This is from an “a Date with Deante” promotion. (Author photo)

4. People Love Expressing Their Racist Views on Camera

I dealt with tons of openly racist jackasses on my show. One of them became a local celebrity.

He was a homeless drunk who I nicknamed, “Tony Train Wreck.”

He’d show up unannounced at my house drunk or on his way to being drunk.

Within minutes, he’d be spouting off his shameless racial insults.

He called me “a fat n*****” multiple times with my camera rolling two feet from his face.

This created a ton of comments, laughs and repulsion from my viewers. For me, it was fascinating and led to him becoming a frequent guest.

There was also a young white woman who proudly rocked a Confederate flag tattoo on her bicep.

On camera, she told me that she tries “not to give Blacks the chance of day” because they always “ended up being a n*****” when she did.

Whatever the hell that meant.

There was the crazy time that I showed up at a bar frequented by a lot of rednecks. Their racial slurs went flying like military fighter jets, but their cockiness became cowardice once the incident was filmed.

That was because it suddenly dawned on them how ill advised it was to spout off that kind of racial hate on camera for broadcast online.

In all of those instances, the white people had gotten comfortable with me once they realized it was easy to say the N-word around me. I was a safe, non-threatening Black guy.

Joke was on them in the end.

5. Normal People Are Lunatics in Disguise

Lets see, there was the guy who stripped completely naked in the middle of the afternoon and jumped off my porch into a kiddie pool.

There was the guy who lit his face on fire for a couple seconds in exchange for a small amount of marijuana.

There was the obese old guy who did a dance in lace panties to prove he’s a crossdresser.

There was the deaf alcoholic who drank a beer with the straw up his nose.

There was the young woman who slit her wrist because she thinks blood is “pretty.”

There were the two young women who shot Heroin into their bodies, even though they knew they were pregnant.

One last thing: After countless interviews of people from all walks of life, I learned to love my own life a hell of a lot more.

That’s why life lessons are so damn important.

They give remarkable perspective.

Personal Development Writer | Deante Unlimited podcast, Host | Deante: Under Construction web series, Star | Deante Young Enterprises, Chief Creative Architect

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