5 Movies From the 1990s That Will Always Kick-Ass

A few might surprise you

Deante L. Young
7 min readMar 16, 2021


American Pie.
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The 1990s were an interesting time for movies. While I typically favored comedies in the ’80s, I was more into thrillers during the following decade. Many of them seemed to follow a similar pattern, and a few of the ones I liked did not make this list because I’m picking 5 of my absolute favorites, ordered according to the year of release. Let the list begin!

1. House Party, 1990

I saw this flick in the theater and I was hooked! Kid N’ Play was almost the only hip hop artists who could have made me enthusiastic about a movie starring hip hop artists at this point in my life. Released just two weeks prior to my 13th birthday, House Party was a fun movie that provided plenty of laughs and left me trying to rap when it was all over with.

Kid, he of the ultra-popular high top fade hairstyle from that era was eager to attend the kick-ass party that his best buddy Play was throwing at his house. There were gonna be hot chicks at this party and who would ever wanna miss out on that?

Unfortunately for Kid, his take-no-bullshit single father told him that he could not go to the party, but he couldn’t miss out so he went! As it turns out, the party was more than worth all the trouble that Kid went through just to get there, being bullied by a group of wannabe tough guys (rap group Full Force) and even crashing a backyard party that amazingly had “Atomic Dog” legend George Clinton in attendance.

Meanwhile, Kid’s father was ready to break every bone in his body upon finding out that he went to the party anyway. The film’s highlight for me is the awesome freestyle battle between Kid N’ Play, witnessed by the two chicks that they were trying to impress (Tisha Campbell and A.J. Johnson) and with a very young Martin Lawrence on the turntables.

By the time Kid’s father shows up with a huge chip on his shoulder, his son is off trying to fuck Tisha Campbell. As I said, the movie had endless laughs, especially from Robin Harris, the brilliant standup comedian who portrayed Kid’s father.

Harris died shortly after the film was completed at age 36. It is hard to believe that this cult…



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