5 Brilliant Insights From Jim Rohn That Will Ignite Your Greatness

The Iconic Speaker Influences Me Daily

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There are many motivational speakers, peak performance coaches and life strategists that I admire. One of the biggest standouts is none other than Jim Rohn. For the past few years, I have been listening to content that he developed decades ago, and his philosophical approach to life and achieving success absolutely amazes me.

This week I’ve been re-listening to an audiobook that consists of seminars and tapes that he made during his career and I’ve been reminded of his immense greatness as a speaker and motivator. I selected 5 of my favorite pearls of wisdom from the man, who died in 2009 but nonetheless continues to infuse inspiration and a brilliant mindset into people like me. That’s a very lasting legacy. Here goes:

1. Work on Yourself More Than Your Job

This struck me as odd when I initially heard Jim say it, but it made perfect sense once I thought about it. He makes a great point about this numerous times when he says that it’s better for us to improve ourselves in whatever ways we can, than to focus on bettering our job performance. Self improvement could be something as simple as being in better physical shape or eating better so that our performance in all facets of life improves.

2. Make Yourself More Valuable in The Marketplace

With each passing day, this one resonates with me more and more. By making ourselves more valuable in the marketplace, we are increasing public perception about us in positive ways. For me, getting rid of my girlish figure (even though I’m a guy) will allow me to have more energy and stamina thus increasing my value significantly. Reading more books, learning more skills, networking successfully and building a name for ourselves through the dedication that we put into making our content publicly known, or whatever value that we are uniquely qualified to offer the world are all things that would lead to great things in the marketplace.

3. Discipline Your Disappointment

This is basically the same as saying “stay optimistic in the face of setbacks.” I think it’s a great mentality to have because there will always be setbacks and bumps in the road on the path to success. Failure is a gigantic part of the process, so feeling disappointed is guaranteed to happen. But if we think of it in the proper way, we could actually come back stronger than ever.

4. Never Start a Day Before it’s Finished

I was super confused when I heard Jim utter this phrase for the first time. But it’s extremely great advice and cleverly worded. It’s all about having our days scheduled ahead of time, especially with our most important tasks. This is something that we actually learned in elementary school, not as part of the curriculum, but by the way our days unfolded.

Think about it: we had designated subjects that we had to be taught such as reading, math, science, social studies etc., and all of that was put together in the lesson plan long before a new school year began. We also had specific times that we had lunch, library, art and whatever else.

Middle school and high school was even more regimented because we as students received schedules on the first day of school detailing the class that we had to be in and the time that we had to be there. Us students knew what our days were going to look like weeks and months in advance, and that even carried over to the lunch menus, which were printed an entire month ahead of time. This is definitely one of the best pieces of wisdom I’ve heard.

5. Don’t Get Through the Day, Get From The Day

Jim Rohn said that many of us just try to get through the day (as if it’s a relief that it’s over). He suggests that we should look to get from the day, as in “get something meaningful or helpful” from the experiences that we encounter during the day.

It’s common for so many of us to take the day as something that just happens. Wake up, get ready for work, get to work, get off and come home, dinner then bed…or some variation on that. It’s like going through the motions. But in Jim’s mind, it’s much better to essentially look for the “moral of the story” of whatever it is that happens.

I think that is a winning mindset for all of us to possess. Finding the deeper meaning of our lives is quite useful; something we should all practice going forward. It’s one of the reasons that I say that setbacks and so called failure never happens to us, it happens for us.

Without question, I’ll continue listening to Jim Rohn’s life changing audios a lot in the future — and implementing his advice. What are you? Leave a comment and tell me about your favorite speaker!

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