26 Positive, Powerful Phrases To Speak To Yourself

We Need To Affirm Our Love For Self

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“Talk to Yourself Like You Would to Someone You Love.” — Brene Brown

Too many times, we get caught up in self-loathing, negative self-talk. That shit is horrible when we do it to ourselves because we’re programming our mind incorrectly.

We’re training our subconscious thoughts to maintain a piss poor opinion of ourselves.

We gotta’ stop that nonsense.

Positive self-talk is essential for building our own self-confidence, self-esteem and self-belief. I’ve compiled a list of positive and powerful phrases for you to say as often as you need to.

“If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm.” — African Proverb

1. I’m good enough.

2. I’m worthy of love.

3. My life is valuable.

4. I deserve to be happy.

5. I am so blessed.

6. I am a special person.

7. I am one of a kind.

8. I am a privilege to be around.

9. I am the best me in the world.

10. I am beautiful.

11. I am more than what you see.

12. I am a survivor.

13. I am strong.

14. I am optimistic.

15. I am a treasure.

16. I am fearless.

17. I am grateful for my life.

18. I am determined.

19. I am unstoppable.

20. I am positive.

21. I am faithful.

22. I am made for greatness.

23. I am relentless.

24. I am talented.

25. I am confident.

26. I am in love with being me.

Speak These Phrases With Intention

You can speak these powerful phrases to yourself quietly, or even say them in your head. Personally, I recommend that you say them with energy and intention. You should feel their power.

One last thing to remember, the more consistent that you are in doing this speaking exercise, the better your mind will be positively trained. It’s no different than any other exercise; consistency is the key!

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