They have provided an essential foundation for my life

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

My grandmother was about as wise as a person could get. She died in 1998, but the lessons and messages that she instilled in me continue to shape and guide my life.

Here are five timeless lessons that she taught me that were life-changing.

1. Clothes Don’t Make the Man

When my classmates were mocking me…


Five games into his comeback produced a masterpiece

MJ in NYC 3/28/95.
Photo courtesy of Flickr user krausjulius

The Setup

Michael Jordan’s famous two-word fax, released to the world on March 18, 1995, was simple in its audacious declaration that the seminal basketball giant was ending his 17-month retirement to return to playing in the NBA.

However, the “I’m Back” fax was a bit misleading in the fact that MJ’s…


The man is a massive inspiration

Al Sharpton.
“Governor Phil Murphy and Reverend Al Sharpton deliver remarks at the National Action Network/NJRC Re-entry facility in Newark on June 23rd , 2020 (Edwin J. Torres/GovernorÕs Office).” by GovPhilMurphy is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

I have been aware of Al Sharpton for at least 25 years. I don’t ever think about his politics or even his controversies throughout his long career. But I absolutely admire him because of his dramatic physical transformation and his ongoing dedication to maintain that.

There was a moment in…


Looking back on the legend’s shocking comeback

Bulls Pacers 1995
Photo courtesy of Flickr user alirodriguezb26

The Setup

As my “F” riddled senior year at Glenville High School stretched into its final few months, I was one distracted guy.

Distracted from even caring about my piss poor academic performance and the nearly guaranteed first failure of a grade in my entire school career.

This was March 1995 and…


The once-controversial ex-boxer has surprisingly become a role model

“Mike Tyson, a Man of the People” by shelbysdrummond is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

For many years, I observed Mike Tyson from afar, not really as a fan but I was definitely aware of his legendary status in the world of boxing. I had also known about the many controversies and transgressions in the man’s life, but still, I never paid him much attention.

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